Gluten Free

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was only eighteen months old. Looking back, I am so glad that she was diagnosed at a young age.  She doesn't remember that she used to eat food containing gluten, and is used to the textures and tastes of gluten free baked goods such as breads, crackers, and muffins.  Knowing that our family has been cooking gluten free for years, I get a lot of questions about recipes, products, and meal planning.  Families with young children often ask us how we make packed school lunches that a child is willing to eat.  I have often written the same email out to friends and acquaintances, sharing the information that I have collected over the years.  I think that someone out there will also find our information useful, so here is a collection of information sources, recipes, etc. that I have discovered.

Gluten Free Beginnings: Information that is important, but sometimes forgotten when beginning a gluten free diet

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